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  Introduction and community goal setting

Welcome to March!

With winter coming to its end in the Northern hemisphere it's ok to dream of green shoots of grass and time outdoors! And for our down under friends, hope your heat is winding down, too, so you are entering a time to be outdoors and enjoy some more moderate temperatures!

This month is dedicated to all that gives us energy - from choosing foods densely packed with nutrients, to really letting our hair loose and enjoying play time!

We will continue to be really intentional about how we plan our days, weeks and month and use the goal setting sheet we introduced in February as an anchor to our intentions.

march (1).png

Something new we are trying this month is to kick off the month as a community and to meet on March 2 to goal set together. Bring your sheets and let's dive in!

Why all this sheet filling, meeting and collaborating? Because intentions need action and in order to act you need to learn to plan how to act in the best way to support your goals and desired outcomes! Positive action often follows positive planning, and we would like to support you in that!

If you weren't able to make it live, be sure to check out the recording below.

Now, follow along and fill out your own sheet!