Expert interview with Sharon Hines - Declutter your life

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Our guest is Author and Decluttering Expert Sharon Hines

Sharon Hines grew up the oldest of four kids in a small house on Victoria Street in Houston, Texas. It was from the top of the metal slide in her backyard where she discovered her love of writing, spending afternoons making up poems, penning diary entries and crafting short stories. 

Always fascinated by people and their culture, she majored in sociology at the University of Houston but, feeling limited by career options, ended up graduating with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. After eighteen years of teaching elementary school, she left the classroom and pursued her childhood dream of writing and publishing. 

A love of home, people, teaching and writing inspired her first book, Creating Success At Home, which has sold over 20,000 copies. Sharon also writes on her blog, Mrs. Hines' Class, where she teaches women how to create a home and life they love.

Sharon still resides in the Houston area with her husband and daughter. Besides all things home, she enjoys the beach, laughing, red wine and live music.

Sharon is the author of "Creating Success At Home: Your Guide to a Decluttered Life"

Topics and Questions

  • What are some of the benefits your readers have noticed since decluttering?
  • What are the biggest areas that typically need decluttering? Bang for the buck.
  • Side effects of a cluttered home that people are unaware of?
  • What are some items that can help you organize your home that you don't have to buy new things and spend money.
  • An organized home and its side effects.
  • The positive health effects of decluttering.

Questions from the 365 Community

  • How do we get rid of things in a way that is environmentally friendly?
  • How can I keep clutter out when I have a smaller, old house with no storage (like we have no closet in the basement or first floor. And the upstairs linen closet is tiny)?
  • What tips or suggestions do you have for getting your significant other on board with simplifying at home?

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