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Do you want stronger feet?

Healthy Movement with Galina will get you there.

Join movement specialist Galina Denzel for Stronger Feet, Better Balance today.

  • Healthier feet
  • Less tenderness, aches and pains
  • Improved balance

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Stronger Feet, Better Balance is designed so you can take and master one lesson each week or jump right in and learn from all four at your own pace.

Each Healthy Movement with Galina course is yours to keep, so you'll have stronger feet and better balance for life!

Finally have feet that will take you where you want to go again.

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"I've truly enjoyed taking Galina's classes. Her exercises work all those little muscles we ignore plus she is so caring and knowledgeable!"

- Carolyne

Your four weekly classes can start today

There are many different ways to move your body more and better, but nothing beats the variety of weekly classes and the attitude of a teacher who is knowledgeable, highly skilled and creative!


We all know how much of a challenge it can be to find the time, motivation and energy to do a meaningful personal movement practice.

Often, we give up because we don't want to drive so far to a class, or change our clothes, or leave our babies, or our homes. Often, clients say, it can take them an hour to commute, an hour to move and an hour to commute back.

When I left California, many students shared how much they miss classes in person - and then when our online students started requesting classes - we thought, well, maybe there is no better time than the present to offer short, effective, safe and fun online classes!

Are you in?

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Are you ready to say yes to healing movement?


"I love that I can exercise from the comfort of my home.

My movement practice feels so much more doable and I can get to it daily and with joy."

- MW

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Galina is no ordinary teacher

"As a movement teacher I incorporate multiple healing movement modalities in my classes. As a Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative exercise specialist, my training is to guide you to find the gentlest and most appropriate exercises for your skill level.

Restorative Exercise is perfect for finding the sticky spots - those places that are deprived of nourishment and attention, limited by modern lifestyle and typical exercise programs.

I also bring mindful movement and my tools from Functional Movement Systems, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Somatic Practice and Somatic Experiencing.

My 20s were spent training people as a personal trainer, so I also bring my coaching experience to take larger patterns and break them down into bite-sized movements anyone can learn, as well as build large complex movements from the smaller skills you master in our classes.

Whether you are moving for healing or moving for performance, you will enjoy these classes with each moving cell of your body!"

Who are these classes for?

Healthy Movement with Galina is for curious movers of all ages, shapes, and sizes. and for all skill levels, amateurs and movement teachers, alike.

If you're suffering from aches and pains that feel better with movement, love to learn online, ask questions, and know why, then Galina's program is for you.

What can you expect from each class?

  • A safe environment for exploring movement
  • A challenge you can scale – modifications will let you do it easy, moderate, hard
  • Learning you can apply to daily life movements and natural movement
  • A great workout with fun, engaging content
  • A quick win – 30 minutes go by so fast, and you'll feel "like new" every time!

Course led by

Galina Denzel
Galina Denzel

Galina Denzel is a movement and trauma resolution specialist, whose work with nervous system regulation and whole body movement helps people of all ages live with freedom and balance in their bodies. She combines multiple healing movement modalities together with trauma informed approaches to support integration and full expression of ones potential – physical, emotional, spiritual.

She works deeply in the areas of chronic pain and traumatic stress, as well as recovery from emotional eating seeing the complexity of the human experience through a complex system lens.

She is a Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Practice touch practitioner, and Neuro-Affective Relational Model Practitioner.

Her personal and professional experience have made her a sought after author, writer, speaker and educator.

Currently, she is supporting students in individual and group programs, as well as in retreats and workshops.

She is living with her husband, who is also her co-author, in Longmont, Colorado.

She also teaches in Europe and her home country of Bulgaria where she leads retreats and workshops for individuals and organizations.

You can find her latest book Eat Well Move Well Live Well everywhere where fine books are sold.

Her upcoming book Peace with self, Peace with food, will be out in the beginning of 2021.

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Healthy Movement Themes Coming Up

September - Stronger feet, better balance

October - Low back pain relief

November - Hands, wrists and shoulders

December - Unstress your body

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these classes live? - No. All lessons are available immediately, and yours to keep.

Can I ask questions? - Yes. Both in the platform where they are hosted and in the Facebook group.

What if I skip a week? - These classes are self paced, you can do them anytime.

Do I need special equipment? - Galina will list what you need in the beginning of each month as you sign up, but most tools are found around the house. If something like a strap, rubber band, or ball is needed, these can be found very inexpensively online.