How to Find Peace with Food

in this 120 minute live webinar you will learn the science of why you eat the way you do and get tools to free yourself from emotional eating

The next live Peace with Food webinar is SUNDAY, November 19, 2023 at 10:00 - 12:00 PST

Peace with food is not only possible, it is your birthright!

You want to transform your relationship with food.

You know the cycles of restriction and overeating need to come to an end.

But you've "tried it all" and you just can't eat like other people.

Thinking about food creates a constant noise in your head.

If you have to go on another plan or diet, you'll just snap...

And I get it.

I get how much it steals from your life. And that you just want to be at peace with food. But you've tried it all, and you haven't been able to figure it out.

That, I really get.

Because after 25 years of trying to solve this using diets and nutrition approaches, I didn't get better, and I gave up.

But instead of that being the end of my story, it was a new beginning.

To find peace with food I needed to find help for the real issues that drove me to be at war with my body.

That's exactly why I created this webinar, so others can benefit from years of my learning as a trauma resolution practitioner and my own personal journey!

I hope you join me when I teach next!

"I wish intuitive eating worked, I just feel tortured by not knowing what to eat and not knowing what to do with all the feelings around food. Sometimes I just eat what sounds good and I seem fine, but then the feelings come...I can't last to not think about food for more than 30 minutes, it seems..."

Lidia, 36, Long Beach, California

"It really is like food is my boss. I feel sad and I eat and I feel lonely and I eat and I know it's just temporary relief from discomfort, but most days, as a single mom, that's my only joy!"

Lisa, 50, Orange County, CA

It was never about self control!

"I gained so much knowledge of how my body works in relationship to stress and food. I now know why I often engage in emotional eating or just deprive my self of food all together.

Galina presented the information in a very gentle and relatable way, which allowed me to have compassion for my self as I learned that my nervous system, stress level and emotions all have worked intricately together to create my current eating habits. It was never about self control."

Monica Catalan

Can you relate to these women?

I know I can. These same words were my words for 25 years.

I always wanted to heal myself from being obsessed with food and disliking my body, and for years I tried diets, nutrition approaches, exercise programs and looked for help from practitioners both in the medical and holistic health field.

Nothing helped.

Each diet and exercise plan gave me temporary reprieve from the suffering, and then I was back to not being able to live in my body with any sense of ease and peace.

I would look around at everyone else who was "normal". Who could just eat and who didn't need to exercise all the time. Not me.

At first glance you would say, sure for someone who was a dancer this is all about body image, control, and perfectionism.

But you know, it wasn't that simple.

Below the surface it was my trauma history that was driving my eating and body image disorder.

Today I easily see how my students' trauma histories shape their eating behaviors, but let me tell you back then I had no clue.

My struggle with food lasted for so long that I had given up hope anything would change.

But life had other plans. It wanted me to heal even if it happened in a way I could have never conceived of possible.

My system balanced itself gradually and gently while I was going through my own education to become a trauma resolution specialist. Through the deep nervous system work, little by little, I became free from food suffering and found peace with food.

And today, I have an approach that combines the same practices that gave me my life back and teach it to others who want peace with food, too.

Join me for this live workshop and learn the science behind why you eat the way you do and free yourself from emotional eating!

Imagine if you didn't have the constant noise in your head, and could enjoy real Peace with Food


Peace with food taught me why!

"The WHY is what motivates me! Peace With Food taught me my why! It was life changing to learn about vagus nerve regulation and how it relates to the reason I subconsciously made the choices I used to make!"

Dr Liz Hoefer

You can have freedom from emotional eating

In this webinar I won't be teaching you how to lose weight or what to do when you find yourself wanting to eat at night.

There won't be any, hacks, shortcuts or quick fixes.

You've already tried those and you know they don't work in any lasting way.

And you feel worse every time you try a new plan and it doesn't work.

We will go on an inner journey

In this webinar you will find that your relationship with food is an intimate, messy and complex one - just like many early relationships in your life.

Each body tells a story.

A story about your early childhood, how you developed, the difficulties you overcame in the best way you could, and how your physiology adapted to the challenges of early and later life.

You will learn about the basics of nervous system regulation, the place of food in self-regulation, the place of food in the neurobiology of human connection, and its role in your successful (great job!) survival to this moment!

You will walk away with:

Understanding the science behind why you eat the way you do

Tools you can practice anywhere to balance your nervous system

Access to an online library of exercises to balance your nervous system

And most importantly, a sense of having your power back


"Peace with food changed not just my relationship with food. My whole life has been transformed!"

Asia Raykova

Hi, I am Galina and I want to tell you a little bit about why you emotionally eat or restrict!

It took away the shame

"Galina's approach to surround the whole topic with compassion has made this journey so much kinder.

Peace with food put me on a path of curiosity to note where my body was. And just in that, took away so much shame and self judgement around the drives for food."

Sue Conklin


The next live Peace with Food Workshop is SUNDAY,

NOVEMBER 19 at 10 PST - 12:00 PST

Online. In Person. Or Recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot attend live?
The webinar is recorded. You will be able to log into this online platform and watch the recording after. You can always ask questions in the comments or email me after. You can also schedule a free Peace with Food Clarity Call where I can answer specific questions about your own unique patterns.
Do I have to do the exercises to feel benefit?
Yes. The practices I teach in this live webinar will help you learn self-regulation and support your nervous system. While understanding why you eat the way you do will go a long way to erase difficult feelings of shame, self-reproach and self-condemnation, the actual change comes from the inside as your physiology learns a new way to be. And for this it might take some practice!
Can I benefit from this as a professional?
Yes. I have done my best to make the content accessible to people of all levels of understanding of the material, yet professionals have found it incredibly helpful to their work. If you are an RD, Nutritionist, or if you are a mental health professional, this content will benefit you. This is not a professionals only workshop, nor does it offer professional credits.
Is this one of those webinars that tries to sell you a program?
No. This webinar is a stand alone piece of education. I am happy to tell you more about my Transformation groups if you are interested, but this is not a marketing or sales webinar. Glad you asked!

Disclaimer: the content taught in this workshop is not meant to be a replacement for professional support from a licensed mental health professional. Galina Denzel is not a psychotherapist or counselor, nor should any information shared in this workshop be construed as therapy. If you are actively in treatment for a condition involving food related behaviors, or addiction, please consult with your treatment team about whether a workshop like this is suitable for you.

Course led by

Galina Denzel
Galina Denzel

Galina Denzel is a movement and trauma resolution specialist, whose work with nervous system regulation and whole body movement helps people of all ages live with freedom and balance in their bodies. She combines multiple healing movement modalities together with trauma informed approaches to support integration and full expression of ones potential – physical, emotional, spiritual.

She works deeply in the areas of chronic pain and traumatic stress, as well as recovery from emotional eating seeing the complexity of the human experience through a complex system lens.

She is a Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Somatic Practice touch practitioner, and Neuro-Affective Relational Model Practitioner.

Her personal and professional experience have made her a sought after author, writer, speaker and educator.

Currently, she is supporting students in individual and group programs, as well as in retreats and workshops.

She is living with her husband, who is also her co-author, in Longmont, Colorado.

She also teaches in Europe and her home country of Bulgaria where she leads retreats and workshops for individuals and organizations.

You can find her latest book Eat Well Move Well Live Well everywhere where fine books are sold.

Her upcoming book Peace with self, Peace with food, will be out in the beginning of 2021.

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