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5 Days to More Peace is a free mindfulness program led by health, wellness, and somatic experiencing coach Galina Denzel of EatMoveLive52

Where do you look for peace in a stressed out and hurried world?

Does it live outside of you? Is it at the end of the next to-do list? At the corner store with that dream dress on the window? Is it something you expect you will have once you are done with what you are doing right now?

Let these short daily practices remind you that peace is right here, sometimes just a breath or a touch away.

We invite you to participate in this free program so you too can experience how easy it is to be at peace, because it's always here, even covered over by daily tasks, noise, errands, and stress.

These practices are special, since they start in your body, where true peace is, and while they respect the role of the mind in daily life, they invite you to a deeper truth and sense of self.

They teach you how to reconnect with the quiet, settled, solid and resilient places inside. They remind you that the soma - your lived experience in your body - is where peace always is, if you only learn how to remove the barriers to it.

Peace, ease, and a sacred opportunity to pause are waiting for you.

And we are happy to offer it for free, so we can share the gift of peace with you and you can share it with others. In this holy season, gift yourself the gift of a daily practice.


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"I've worked with Roland and Galina for many years. Whether you want to make a complete lifestyle change or just small adjustments to your habits, they'll work with you in an encouraging and non-judgmental way.
Their enthusiasm is contagious, and I can guarantee you will learn something new!"

- Carolyne

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by free? Is there a catch? - No. There are no obligations, no costs, and no fees.

Do I have to join a Facebook Group? - No. We have a free group, but it's just one way to interact, get support, and communicate with like-minded-people. 5 Days to More Peace can be done entirely through email, and you can ask us questions at any time by hitting reply!

What if I have more questions? - If you've already signed up, you can reply to the confirmation email that we send to you. If you haven't signed up yet, you can email us at [email protected] and ask away!


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